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from The Editor


Here is a list of movies, which, I have been watching lately. I am not a film critic and this has been going on for sheer fun. The list represent my preferences as an arm-chair spectator and no selection, whatsoever, based on genre, actors play, producers or directors work is being attempted to be made.

Enjoy these titles from the greatest arts of all!


I feel obliged to share some thoughts of mine, occasionally, after each consecutive update of the list. I have been a steady movie watcher since a kid. I am not referring to television, since, at the dawn of television I was not yet born. Neither, is was word for the art of cinema - it was, supposedly an entertainment for my grandparents.

I talk for the advent of the video and its applications for home and for fun. Having been so, in the 70s we had our first home video - this, was a huge Beta-max crate from Sony corporation. It was quite an expensive tool and its video cassettes were difficult to obtain. We had our watching sessions always in groups and usually with someone as a translator, since, most of the movies were in English and had no subtitles. It was a celebration.

Then in the 80s and there was a change in the system. Beta-max was replaced with VHS system and this was an event itself. While technically both machines doesn't differ very much and the advantages were on the psychological side. VHS video was more compact, more cheap, more obtainable, more worthwhile and so forth. Some people amounted huge collections of films and this could be hardly surpassed with an ease and without an effort in the coming third age of the video.

In mid 90s, computers and digitalization have already gathered momentum. Everyone accepted computers as part of their literacy. This was inevitable and in an air of mass communications and globalizations (and wars?!), subsequently, we entered into the 21st century. It witnessed, also, a new change in the video system - this time, from tape to optical disks. DVDs became part of our home life and this is where I am going to interrupt my story.


It comes a time, when someone has previewed and communicated more than 1000 movies. This is good and this is bad, considering a fact how many of them has remained - viz., in a sense how many films has remained unpublished and are difficult to obtain in digital format.

This is one side of the coin. The other side comes to pinpoint an issues dealing with the progress of video technology, per se. Before two, three years it seemed impossible to imagine a failure in the statute of long established home appliances - such as, DVD recorder and TV set. It happened so, however, that a minor upgrade in the hardware of a simple personal computer /PC/ and could produce a fully functional DVD + TV mounted on your computer. Isn't that amazing?

Further, I am not going to comment on the possible turmoil that such a transformation could bring on the commercial market. People used to stick to their old technology and computer vendors wouldn't like to miss their basic profits. This comes to denote a war on the economic agenda, since, I can not imagine how such merchandise such as DVD's and TV's could loose grounds on the market. I hope this wouldn't bring to new political wars as countermeasure to someone who looses his job. Enough for this comment.


I should like to communicate something, although, my opinion doesn't matter whomsoever. Recently, some DVD appear to have a protection called on the rollover as "c s s protection" or "encryption". This is meant to enhance copyright security, while in fact it has a couple of side effects that hampers the playback of the material. I have tried several DVD browsers and they all give the same defect.

My personal conviction is, that a video decoder provides enough protection and second barrier line is unnecessary. Even at my best wish to be tolerable and I don't understand people, who are willing to double their profit at no investment cost at all. Enjoy your time.


Let me say a couple of things about the so called concept of "sharing" or "artificial intelligence" in modern technologies. Beside its good features, meaningfully, which enabled us to work in a globalization surrounding and create a neighborhood with "web" characterization - viz., there are some aspects of this universality that I wish to comment on. This is not so much about the technical side of the problem, rather it concerns some behavioral variables of the people that stay behind the curtain of the whole story. Now, it is obvious that this whole "game of two" doesn't have coordinates and one can not blame certain person or another unless he desires to take the whole sin of mental instability on his shoulders. But that is how technological intelligence works, isn't it!?

The next thing is about my personal complaints with digitalized audio-video information and the "perversions" that exists about it in the the global community. I will try to enumerate this sorrows of mine, which are based truly on my own experience and can not be associated with any kind of "bugging" or whatsoever. So this is my list in a not strictly chronological order: i./ the DVD-ROM does not load properly; ii./ the audio-video playback process is interrupted without warning and sometime failure is irreversible; iii./ there is sometimes deteriorated quality of the sound device which can not be logically explained except from an interference from outside; iv./ in certain cases whole tracks have been deleted from a drive without warning; v./ in certain occasions whole programs or modules doesn't work at all without serious internal reason, etc.

My final diagnosis is unequivocal. Certain people who have license for administrative purposes are simply mentally unstable. Since this doesn't meddle with their daily work on a technical level, subsequently, those people are seldom induced to violate their priorities of quality control and become more or less technical terrorists. Beware, that those people are most commonly among us and usually hide themselves behind a tolerable, sometimes fashionable appearance. As a result, humanity has become rather more "degenerated" and instead of inspiring "trust", commensurably, we are going to ruin the small advances of progress we have made lately. No personal offence to anyone!


Hi, here are our first series of HD-DVD movies /marked in red/. Compared to their BlueRay-DVD predecessors /marked in blue/, those are not superior and not even better in terms of skins and soundtrack. However, they are much more widely accessible, cheaper in terms of cost-effectiveness and are not copyright protected /i.e., in terms of home entertainment and not for public broadcast/. We'll keep in touch for wider monitoring and comparing the procession of retail vs. homemade DVD.


Vow, we have already got 7213 movies in our film list. A short chronology of the various movie formats through those years will suffice. I remember when I started this compilation in late 2004. Coincidentally, it ran parallel with some unidentified symptoms of my health status (N.B., I am an M.D. by primer education). For instance, I felt extremely cold in my premises while outside people were still basking in the autumn sun. Or, I had a very strong pain in my back-ass while my food regime was unchanged and otherwise I defecated normally. All this mimics a rare cancer disease but my inner senses tell me that I am still in good health. I write this for the protocol, merely. I am a perfectly sane person otherwise and I don't believe in extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Also for the protocol here is a short list of movie formats we have been coping with - it started with classical VOB files, then continued with standard MPEG from the TV-tuner, then proceeded with various downloads from the Internet (AVI, MP4, MKV, etc.) The havoc with video formats keep going on!


Total number is 8921 movies. Timeline is about year and a half latter. Calendar year (Gregorian) is 2013. I am 51 years old. I think I'm not insane.

Otherwise world globalization continues. Hope it wouldn't lead to extinction of Human Species on Earth!


Since a lot of people have showed an interest at my work on the Tripod, I (the Editor) feel the necessity to make a statement. I have been working on two specific projects since 2004 - Booklist and Movielist. Both would have been worthless if I hadn't compiled a large personal archive which awaited to be systematized. Thus the work on the above mentioned Lists started.

For the moment I work on the Movielist, only. The work on the Booklist have been suspended temporary for health reasons (N.B. lets not work here with medical diagnosis but call this "painful defecation syndrome"). Since I attribute this to global radiation - dutifully effected by Satellites, Communications (GSM, Internet), Militaries, Terrorists, etc. - it isn't logical to put the radiation issue on personal debates. Say here international debates should be held like the Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse Effects, etc. Or, otherwise put it down for the pious Christian and Fellow - how to pay Peter without robbing Paul!









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