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Authors: Vasil Kinov and Kiril Milenkov


Brief Outline

This book represents something, as of yet underdeveloped theme in bulgarian medical historiography. No publications exist on the early history of the Bulgarian Medical Union /BMU/ from year 1901. Details are dispersed in different sources and materials, most notably one can consult the large database of the BMU itself - namely, "Annales de l'Union des Medicins Bulgares" from 1903 to 1944; also, "Annales Medicales de l'Union des Medicins Bulgares" from 1945 to 1950. The Journal was a regular periodical for the bulgarian medical community in the first half of the XX century and almost every issue from the societal life of medicine was reflected on its pages.

From 1949 to 1989 - viz., a whole period of 40 years and the society was abolished from the communist authority. This tumultuous time are also undeservedly ignored on the pages of bulgarian medical articles. Most of the writings are one-sided and burdened with heavy communist propaganda. New materials are scanty, while the historical memory of the present generations seems faded. In that case more efforts are necessary for presentation of a comprehensive outlook on that period.

BMU was reestablished in December 1989. This modern period of the organization received a lot of attention in recent times, however most of the writings contain no zeal in a historical point of view. Abundant are many appeals and unsolicited manifests, while the real work is scanty and methodically unsound. Whatever trends are outlined and they should be coordinated with the efforts of the country to join the European Community.

Throughout this narrative we have been at dismay to realize how much of the information on the bulgarian societal life in medicine and allied health sciences have been missing or concealed. Almost any field in medical sciences should be re-written and edited in the "acquis" to the European Community. As it is a difficult task and still in progress, meanwhile we wish to consolidate to this effort by presenting some factual data that pertain to the issue at hand:

Chairmen of BMU in chronological order: Dr. Dimitar Mollov /1901-1902/; Dr. Petar Orahovatz /1902-1904/; Dr. Georgi Sarafov /1904-1906/; Dr. Georgi Zolotovich /1907-1908/; Dr. Bogomil Beron /1909-1919/; Dr. Racho Angelov /1920-1923/; Dr. Dimitar Kirov /1924-1939/; Dr. Ivan Koychev /1940-1944/; Dr. Rangel Tashev /1945-1947/; Dr. Angel Simeonov /1948-1949/; Dr. Ivan Kirov /1989-1992/; Dr. Dimitar Ignatov /1992-2002/.

Congresses of BMU: chronology will be outlined in another update, however, important is stratification before/after date 9 IX. 1944 - viz., gatherings from I-XXVI are before the communist coup, while gatherings from XXVII-XXXVII are after the democratization process.

First normative acts on health insurance and social security have been assembled on the VIII Congress of the BMU in year 1910 - viz., a constituent Law with 14 Articles.

First ethical codex for physicians good behavior have been constituted on the XVII Congress of the BMU in year 1928, etc.

/to be continued/



Copyright 2006 by the author.