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Author: Mary Kircheva


Whenever, I have to write about human races and I start up stupefied. The first question that comes to my mind is "Why do I have to do this again?". After all I am going to receive mere condemnation, one way or another. Decent people are used to stay in their offices and receive good money for it, simply because they don't spit racism and xenophobia. They just shrug their arms and pass by, while someone from the environmentalist milieu make hue and cry about it and create you trouble in personal life. This being the issue and we are going to present a book from not so far ago and talk about eugenics and anthropological genetics. Beware, that this is the time between the two World Wars in the 20th century and that the molecular basis for heredity was not yet clarified in terms of genes and DNA /deoxyribonucleic acid/. But first and more important - let us make our ramifications for the present and then continue to the past.

Now, believe it or not we live in a world of racial congregations. Even if one is proponent of peaceful racial co-existence and this would be rejected by millions of years of human evolution. I leave the problem of racial apologetics to the modern prophets of one or another stock. This is specifically very important for representatives of the colored races - i.e., negroes, native Americans, etc. - who are being really doomed to extinction and if they not devise their own racial doctrines. Remember, that within the four huge clusters of colored races - viz., Chinese, Hindus, Negroes and Native Americans - the last two don't have their own religions. They have been always seeking realm in other religions and in the face of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mohammedanism and others. I am afraid, we made a shift in our theme and since religion is congruent with racism yet not equivalent. We are not looking for enemies of the white race, notwithstanding, our matter of discussion is the animosity within the white race, per se.

What is the story with the white race, today? Given the presumption, that there is no racial superiority problem and the white race is distributed all over the world. However, regarding a "scarcity of resources" dilemma and let us go back to the cradle of the white race - namely, Europe with its adjoining dominions in America, Africa and Asia. I see discrepancies of the white race on two major axis -  First axis: Relationships between the classical Greco-Roman race versus the modern Nordic-Teutonic race; Second axis: Relationships between the dominant Anglo-Saxon race versus the passive Slav-Caucasian race. In terms of contemporary historians and these are the "ill reputed" North-South and West-East gradients of human civilizations, which have determined the pace of events for the last 2-3 thousand years. As an oversimplification of the theme and we admit bluntly a fact - that whatever the price of supremacy it has nothing to do with the characteristics of a given white race. We are stating here that there are good people and bad people in any kind of the white race. Exemplifying this with case studies of people being abused, while being abroad from their nation state and that simply doesn't make sense. All right, what if someone traveling abroad have been treated with guarded acceptance and even cornered by downward hostility. I want to counterpoise the fact, however, that same thing could happen in his own country and this is always the job of short sighted, evil minded people. Whatever it stays, scenarios for a future racial warfare are in the domain of science fiction. I am also not a prophet to make prognosis on human development - i.e., this is in the hands of politicians and other warlords on the Earth. I just wanted to say, that seeing what's going around gives me trouble and that there is no place for complacency.

Mental perturbations are one thing and reality is quite another. As a theme of our reviewed book and M. Kircheva /translator and editor/ gives us a picture from the scientific blundering in the beginning of 20th century. It was a time of genocides and racial intolerance, whenever human reproduction have been treated as in an animal farm. Examples are given from the Eugenics Societies in all modern European countries and America, while recommendations for sterilization, castration, asylum dwelling and so forth have found their apotheosis in Nazis Germany. Expressly, I want to say that a sin - viz., if there was any such thing on the agenda by the law - should held responsibility strictly to the whole white race. I am not suffering from any form of proselytism and so I wish to put an end to this commentary.


Figure 1: Scheme for the cycle eugenics - social medicine - modern epidemiology.

(i). There are sufficient evidence in Western science /i.e., unfortunately, much less support could be found in bulgarian language publications/ - namely, that during the first half of the 20th century eugenics was instrumental for establishing and institutionalization of the science of social medicine.



Erratum: We wish to expand our notion on the concept of eugenics. Recently, we came over some materials denoting a role of eugenics in the genesis of modern science - viz., in particular for this study on social medicine and epidemiology. We are not going to cite sources, since, this is going to overburden our presentation and besides this is not the format of our job, per se.

In the annals of the postwar era - explicitly, Second World War and the ensuing Cold War - much facts were concealed or persistently ignored. Western politicians wanted to cover eugenics with oblivion or to postulate its role as a reactionary science. It became an epitome for genocide and hateful dictatorship, rather than being a rationalization and continuation of a mere Darwinism. Eugenics in its conceptualization at the end of 19th century was an exponent of the survival of the fittest. This concept was transposed from the animal kingdom to the much more complex human society. We see nothing wrong in such a borrow. However, when this was used to specifically solve questions of racial, sexual, moral and mental attitude - further, this led to a revulsion in society and the masses in particular.

Why is it that eugenics led to violence and war, as opposed to having a supportive role to strengthen health and promote sanity? This question is not solved explicitly, maybe because of the innate duality and linearity of the human character or because of demographic and economic reasons. It remains the rest - namely, the educative and publishing activity of Eugenics Society in many countries, which served for the formation of a whole generation of scientists with social medicine attitude. This cohort of scholars - let us not deny obvious truth - later in the 60s and 70s of the century have paved a way for modern epidemiology. History may be timeless, but it is not blind. Finishing this short exposition and I wish to express my regret for such falsifications in science. Whatever misnomers theory or practice have, they ought to prove their worthiness in the name of truth.



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