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Author: Vahan Totomiants


This book on Armenian History was written by émigré professor Vahan Totomiants (Totomiantz) — viz., international authority on History and Theory of Co-operatives and member of ILO. He was a Bulgarian resident from 1922 and came there as refugee with Nansen passport. Prof. V. Totomiants worked as Privat Dozent at the Free University in Prague, and spent his time interchangeably between Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria. Many of his books on co-operative movement were translated in Bulgarian language.

The introduction to the monograph was written by another authority — Prof. Gavril Katzarov, specialist in antique and classical history. The latter had authored before a tiny monograph on Armenian Architecture (1925), where he made parallels between the Red Church at the vicinity of Perushtitza and elements of early Christianity, V to VII century, on the Bulgarian lands. Specifically in this introduction, G. Katzarov mentioned about some Armenian militaries that have died in the Balkan and First World War on the side of Bulgaria, Colonel Antranik and Lieutenant Semerdjian.





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