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Master List of Bulgarian Literature




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from The Editor


It took some time to compile this Master List. Let me shortly narrate some difficulties we encountered in the process of its compilation:

Firstly, this is a bibliography of Bulgarian Language Literature. As far as, we know, this is the first of that kind. But it is not for the sake of leadership that we made an effort to bring this List forward. It has been long time - that, we have been wondering on the problem of comparability. Bulgarian Literature is a young literature. It doesn't have a rich tradition as some Western European counterparts. Also, it is poor in comparison with - let us say, the Russian Medical Science among others with Cyrillic alphabet writing. Yet, Bulgarians take pride with being the homeland of the apostles of Slav World - the brothers St. St. Cyril and Methodius.

Second, in a chronological aspect - the bibliography comprises titles for a period of 130 years, which, makes the history of Bulgarian State in a modern perspective. We have included, certainly, some titles from the Middle Ages and with non-medical subject matter - but, their numbers are negligible in the whole. So, the Master List contains some 1000 titles of literature in Bulgarian. It could have contained twice as much! With an understanding like this, we hope that it could help, stimulate further research in the field for more exhaustive compilation than this one.

Thirdly, we are going to reiterate something that was mentioned before in other writings of ours. This is a List that has used secondary sources of information. What we mean is that - we did not have access to any "archives", private or public. All the titles enumerated in the list are proven "de visus" -  so that the responsibility for a book or author existing is entirely ours. The transliteration from Bulgarian to English, also, belongs to the Editor. We hope, that this would not infuriate some respected members from the Medical Community in Bulgaria.

Fourthly, the question of timeliness has been bugging us lately. What makes us happy today may seem stupid some time later. But, this is an Internet project going on. We do not know what the future will be for digital technologies. In the face of a huge burden from paper and other information sources - is there going to be a battle for survival, really?

Since, this is a home page it's a good idea to include some information on the extramural activities of the author. The latter is unmarried and his financial status is not very stable. It has been a habit in his early life to share company with many and different people. With the onslaught of time and it proved that friendship is a rather leaky phenomenon.

Now, in his mid-40s and he prefers to spend his spare time in a more quiet surrounding. That presupposes watching some TV, reading books and working administrative work at home. Otherwise, he has not omitted attention from a human surrounding. He has a large family with two - three generations of people. His best neighbor is a female with a cat.

Thanks to anyone who would take interest in our Master List!



29 March 2004



Almost ten years have passed from our commencement on the Booklist project. Times have changed and Global Environment has also been altered. This reflected on the Editor's health status who, although not so aged, feels already as a beacon. Whatever, we look forward to further update our catalogue and here is what I want to emphasize ad passim.

In many ways this project has surpassed our expectations. It gained more popularity than the other parallel project on Filmlist, but simultaneously it sucked more real time, physical energy and financial resource. Now it is not because we are tired or exasperated from work that the Booklist is lagging. Internet created many opportunities for the young coming generation and at the same time it obscured its origins or roots. The ridicule of the Global Radiation Situation which doesn't have beginning and end is obvious. People get used to recognize the Internet and its Consequences, but not prone to explain it or fight against it. Star Wars have generally become a reality!

Damn the unbelievers and let's mention few things about books. As I said, the Archive we have been working on is personal belonging and no one gives a shit what would happen to books, films etc. when the Editor is dysfunctional anymore. Thus the best titles from this Booklist have remained unreferenced yet. The selfishness of the Editor have become a moving force lately and not least because he received so little from his surrounding as gratitude - viz., Academic and University circles, Community and Neighborhood, General Family relations, etc.

So let's enumerate what is left for the Booklist (to donate). After discarding 1000s of books from inclusion and reference, there still remain some 500 titles (more or less) that deserve to remain on-line at the site. Those should be titles with best characteristics as literature from the Bulgarian language and supplied with commentary in English. If someone has mastered a better solution let him call me. We have been browsing the Internet for myriads and seldom have found so much consolidated information on various topics about Bulgaria ...

Last thing before ending the update. As time have passed and we have been working in English but referring always Bulgaria and the inevitable happened. Our parallel library of Books in English about Bulgaria have grown immeasurably. The lay person should object immediately - "What is the use of Bulgarian books when they have their equivalents in English?" Well, the answer here is that we are not a toiler and that we are not a spy for anyone. It just has became a habit for the Editor to gather those rare titles and that some day maybe we should share those acquisitions on the Internet. Let's stay alive and we shall see!



04 May 2013









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